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Time is Money! How much is your time worth?  Cozy Home Rental Mgmt LLC provides honest, reliable and professional Residential Property Management services in Topeka and surrounding counties.


Our service allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of owning investment property while avoiding the headaches of tenants or maintenance.






Cozy Home Rental manages all types of residential property…Single Family, Small Multi-Family, Apartment Complexes and Home Owner Associations.


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Reasons YOU need a Property Management Team


LEGAL ISSUES Are you familiar with the legal requirements of a landlord?


  • Kansas Landlord-Tenant Act
  • Tenant Disputes
  • Evictions
  • Fair Housing Act
  • Screening
  • Lead Based Paint requirements
  • Abandoned Property

One legal dispute can wipe out an entire years’ profit.



MAINTENANCE… Are you able to handle all maintenance issues or have reliable contractor companies?

  • We are experienced in ALL common household repairs.
  • We have a WIDE network of reliable contractors, if needed.
  • WE DON’T charge you for unnecessary repairs.
  • WE DO have REASONABLE maintenance fees.


REFERRALS…Do you have a network of current/former tenants and property owners that continually refer new applicants?


Management Packages can be customized to your
needs. Such as…
  • New Tenant Location (you continue to manage your own property)
  • Apartment Complex Property Management (On/Off site)
  • Property Management (Single family/duplex, etc)
  • Maintenance
  • Make Ready
  • Difficult Tenant Resolution


Benefits of having our EXPERIENCED management company handle your investment property.

  • After Hours Emergency Maintenance phone line: 24/7 (No cost to you)
  • Month to Month Management agreement; Cancel anytime with 60 day notification
  • Low Fees; NO hidden costs
  • Monthly Rent Collection
  • Monthly check to you (Online/Check/Deposit)
  • Move In/Move Out Inspections
  • Tenant correspondence: No extra cost
  • REASONABLE maintenance/repair costs
  • NO advertising fee
  • NO showing fees
Contact us for your FREE consultation.


Our Staff is…
  • Experienced (over 40 years)
  • Knowledgeable of Kansas Landlord-Tenant Act
  • Hands-on
  • Flexible
  • Understanding
  • Tough (when needed)
  • Protective (of your property)
  • Attentive (to your needs)


HOA MANAGEMENT…Are you looking for a management TEAM to manage your HOA affairs?


  • We provide expert interpersonal relations (with tenants, owners, contractors)
  • Monthly reporting, as required
  • Maintenance for common areas, as needed
  • Provide online pay options
  • Coordinate contractors/vendors
  • Repairs, remodeling for owners, at their cost
  • Lawn/landscaping, as needed


Contact us for your FREE consultation about your property.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.